Alach - 45pts

Sponser: The Crimson Fang Gang

Vehicle: Irakie Vulture

Uru - 40pts

Sponser: Ubrikkian Industries

Swoop: Covert Pathfinder 

Archon - 40pts

Sponser: TBD

Swoop: Morlinger Imperator

Alex - 10pts

Sponser: The Exchange

Swoop: Roche Widow

Alex - 10pts

Sponser: TB

Swoop: Vectron BWL Wraith

Nora - 5pts

Sponser: TBD

Swoop: Vectron Red Spirit

AJ - 5 pts

Sponser: TBD

Swoop: Irakie Falcon 

Vader - 5pts

Sponser: TBD

Swoop: Blatent Beks Speeder

ObiRadd - 5pts

Sponser: Czerka Corporation

Swoop: Roche Gangster

Racer Introductions and First Race of the Season!

Welcome to the Imperial Army Swoop League Cup Landing!

This will be the Hub for:

- Current Cup Standings
- Information about Racers 

- Holodocumentation of Previous Races

Current Standings!