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  • Amazing Service
    Amazing Service
    Awarded for 75% conquest consistency over a season.
  • Flawless Service
    Flawless Service
    Awarded for 100% consistency in conquest over a season.
  • Consummate Cadet
    Consummate Cadet
    Awarded for earning Makeb Armor as a Cadet
  • Elite Soldier
    Elite Soldier
    Awarded for exceptional battlefield performance
  • Lieutenant
    Attained the rank of Lieutenant
  • Chilastrian Veteran
    Chilastrian Veteran
    Awarded for service during the Chilastrian Campaign of the Imperial Army
  • Event Leader
    Event Leader
    Awarded for the most events held in a single season.
  • Squad Event Leader
    Squad Event Leader
    Awarded to the leader of the squad that hosts the most events.