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  • Consistant Service
    Consistant Service
    Awarded for achieving 50% conquest consistency over a season.
  • Amazing Service
    Amazing Service
    Awarded for 75% conquest consistency over a season.
  • Sergeant
    Attained the rank of Sergeant
  • Legendary Player
    Legendary Player
    Awarded for players experiencing all of the class stories.
  • Meritorious Conduct
    Meritorious Conduct
    Awarded for Exemplifying the IA Code of Conduct
  • Infernal Conquest
    Infernal Conquest
    Awarded to the member who gets top toon over the highest number of weeks in 1 Season.
  • Exceptional Conquest
    Exceptional Conquest
    Receiving the highest number of legacy wins throughout a single season.
  • Conquest Dominator
    Conquest Dominator
    Awarded to anyone who gets at least 10 million conquest points in one season.
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