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  • Flawless Service
    Flawless Service
    Awarded for 100% consistency in conquest over a season.
  • 47th Ribbon of Merit
    47th Ribbon of Merit
    Awarded for great merit to the 47th
  • Duty and Empire
    Duty and Empire
    Awarded for having the most Commendations squad/solo in a season.
  • Consummate Cadet
    Consummate Cadet
    Awarded for earning Makeb Armor as a Cadet
  • Squad Season Star
    Squad Season Star
    Awarded to the squad leader of the squad that gets the most points in a single season
  • Solo Season Star
    Solo Season Star
    Awarded for Most Conquest Points in a single season.
  • Mark of Leadership
    Mark of Leadership
    Awarded for enlisting and maintaining members in your squad.
  • Recruiter
    Award for attracting a high volume of recruits
  • Imperial Ace
    Imperial Ace
    Awarded for Exceptional Piloting Skill
  • Findsman
    Awarded for discovery of great Imperial Assets
  • Elite Soldier
    Elite Soldier
    Awarded for exceptional battlefield performance
  • Elite Tactician
    Elite Tactician
    Awarded for exceptional operational performance
  • Elite Socialite
    Elite Socialite
    Awarded for exceptional diplomatic ability
  • Inspired Planner
    Inspired Planner
    Awarded for unique and inspired event planning
  • Legendary Player
    Legendary Player
    Awarded for players experiencing all of the class stories.
  • Meritorious Conduct
    Meritorious Conduct
    Awarded for Exemplifying the IA Code of Conduct
  • Conquest Achiever
    Conquest Achiever
    Awarded for scoring over 1,000,000 Solo Toon Conquest
  • Chilastrian Veteran
    Chilastrian Veteran
    Awarded for service during the Chilastrian Campaign of the Imperial Army
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