Warzones: An Imperial Army Guide

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Warzone 101

The Basics

The goal of warzones is to play the objective, not farm kills.

The only deathmatch is 4v4(arena)

Playing the objective is key, and you can make the difference and win the match for your team.

In 6.0, you get a loot crate from winning the warzones.

These loot crates give:

  • Renown boosts

  • multiple gear pieces

  • 20 Warzone medpacks and stims.

The bolster in PVP boosts you to max item rating, so don't worry about gear as far as performance goes. just make sure all slots are filled with the highest item level gear to get better loot from the crates.

Learning to rotate your defensive abilities effectively will dramatically improve your game.

Specific Games


This is basically capture the flag, except with a ball. You can only hold it for 40 seconds before it explodes, kills you, and give the ball to the closest enemy.

The key is to effective pass the ball. An easy way to pass the ball is to click on someone on your group frame, then double click the pass ability. It will auto go to that person. It's very hard to get the ball and run it yourself in the 40 seconds given. If you're not a good runner, do your best to control the middle area near the ball spawn area.

Learning to rotate your defensive abilities effectively will dramatically improve your game.

There are 3 Huttball maps, so you will play this often.

Alderaan/Yavin 4

This game is like domination. There are 3 turrets that are captured by clicking the target(8 second casting time).

You only need 2 out of 3 to win the game. Spreading out too thin will cost you the game. Communicate to move to targets without over committing(leaving one un/under-defended). Defending is a great way to win and get 8 medals.

Novare Coast

This game is like Alderaan/Yavin 4 in the domination, aspect, but you have to have 2 points to score ANY points. Instead of capping with an 8 second casting time, there's a cast time that takes over 12 seconds alone, but can be sped up by teammates.

My advice on this one is to move around a lot. It's slower to cap, so over compensating isn't as much of a problem. Just keep 1 or 2 people at each on owned.

Having all 3 does NOT give you more points. Defending 2 is the best way to win

The Ancient Hypergate

This game's scoring is complicated. You win by capturing at least 1 of the 2 pylons(8 second cast time). However, you also get points from killing enemies and bring hypergate irregularities(orbs) from the center the map to a pylon that you own.

Every 2 minutes, the pylons blow up and kill everyone that isn't in a safe zone. Safe zones are the 3 middle areas(below each spawn and where the orbs are).

With each explosion, the number of points from kills and orbs multiplies. There is a multiplier indicator on the score card in game.

Void Star

Void Star is a progressive game that ultimately requires you to get a terminal. You have to break through 3 sets of doors by setting off bombs(6 second cast time) 1-2 bridges(6 second cast time), and 1-3 barriers.

There are 2 rounds, where you get to both attack and defend.

Attacking: Completely overwhelming 1 side is the best way to win. Kill them all so their stuck in the spawn and can't stop the bomb from being planted. When that doesn't work(it often doesn't), then you need to mindful about going back and forth to confuse them. Pull them away from the door so someone can sneak in and plant the bomb.

Defending: Stay on the doors! Literally! They can't cap if you keep hitting them. Call out of you have incoming enemies so you can get support. I don't recommend leaving less than 2 per door.


This is the newest and most complicated map. This goes in 2 minute rounds: There are 5 different areas that can be active, but only 2-3 activated automatically. Being in the point(unstealthed), will capture it after a few seconds and start earning you points. You play to 600. It only takes the same about of time for the enemy to cap it if you aren't in the area and it automatically uncaps it when you leave the area.

Power-ups: there are 4 power-ups that can really change the tide of the game.

Activate(Green) activates a point that was not automatically activated. Deactivate(Red) deactivated any active point. Boost(Blue) doubles the points won at the specific zone it's applied to.Speed Up(Orange)Doubled the speed of the zone, So double points, but half of the time.

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