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Updated Nightlife Event expands to Mek-Sha!

Hello There! All you risk-takers and gamblers should be excited to find out that an update is coming to the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event! Gambling is expanding to Mek-Sha now and there is a new Emperor's Grace Slot Machine that you get special tokens for throughout the galaxy and from Kingpin machines.

Get out there and get Emperor's Tokens to play these new machines. We don't know exactly what all can be won off of it yet, but you can turn in gold certs for Gold Taxidermy heads from the vendor. A clue to what might be winnable may be seen hanging around the Star Cluster Casino however. This little guy named C1-4W.

He looks like someone turned a Gonk droid into a Claw Machine. Hopefully there's lots more fun to come!

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