Uniform Acquisition

Makeb Assault Armor

Where to Acquire

The Makeb Assault Armor is found on the Makeb Orbital Station from the Reputation Vendor.

Cost to Buy

To purchase the armor, you must have Champion rank with the Imperial Forces of Makeb.

The armor is purchased with credits, totaling 135,000 Credits.

Dye Module

Deep Red and Black is the standard dye module used by the Guild. It can be purchased after obtaining Legend status with the Section-X Imperials, but is often found cheap on the GTN.

Role-play Potential

Outside of the obvious colors of matching to the Guild (and now, the Ossus Troopers) there are a few variations that can be seen in-game you may wish to make appearances for:

Undyed: Often seen on cold planets, and some examples scattered throughout

Black/--- or Black/Black: Some examples found on Fleet.

Dark Green/White: Imperial Grenadiers match this color (Decoration)

In-Game Utility

More than just an aesthetic choice, the Makeb Armor is also a Legacy Bound armor set.

This means that when you purchase it, you can place it in Legacy Storage, freely move it between characters, and even allow Republic characters to wear it.

In addition, this means that if you create Augment slots on it, you can have a set of armor fully augmented that you can pass between characters.

It's also customizable, meaning any end-game gear you acquire can have the mods taken out and placed in it.

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