The Liberation of Alderaan

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Alderaan Liberation Update

Castle Organa sits surrounded by untraversable hills and is laden with the Republic's best anti-aircraft weaponry. This bottle-neck has long stood as the leading reason the Empire has not yet been able to bring order and prosperity to the people of Alderaan. An opportunity has arisen to remedy this injustice.

Upon hearing about this prospect, I, Farra Ash'ramani Benedelos, convinced the 47th I.E.F to allow me to accompany them to the battle with holorecorders and my trusty datapad just so that we can ensure all citizens of our glorious Empire get the full story.

The Republic has had no claim to Alderaan since Prince Gaul Panteer called for the planet’s secession following the Treaty of Coruscant. It is no coincidence that following their secession the Prince and his wife were soon found dead, assassinated by Republic Agents. The Republic’s treachery threw the planet into a full blown civil war and it has not recovered since.

Alderaan is a prominent planet in the core and an ideal staging ground along the Commenor Run. Were the Empire to secure the planet it would mean a holding just off of the Perlemian Trade route through Brentaal as well as the Trellen Trade Route, and therefore the Great Kashyyyk Branch via Commenor and Zeltros. This would give the Empire a strong link between two extremely important lanes and would all but ensure the Empire’s unquestioned control of all of the Slice north of Hutt Space.

When asked if this led to the decision to push hard for Alderaan as the Republic conflicts have flared in the Adega system, General ObiRadd Lee was noncommittal ensuring me that this conflict was first and foremost predicated by the suffering of the innocents caught up in a brutal civil war.

I have not been made privy to the exact plans that lead to the assault, but I can now tell you we had multiple diversionary tactics in play that allowed us to drop walkers, and Imperial Battle Crawlers. I personally sat in a troop transport shoulder-to-shoulder with all manner of Imperial troops. We could hear the treetops scraping against the bottom of our shuttle as we came in, staying low enough to avoid scanners and below the line-of-sight of the anti-aircraft batteries. While we lost one shuttle to a particularly rigid chinar tree, we were able to land quietly and quickly dispatched a lone Republic “stomach-dragger” as the Soldiers called it. Fortifications to lead the battle further were set up in short order by our accomplished and skilled Imperial troops.

I can tell the reader this. Today I witnessed the full glory of the Empire, the might of our Emperor crushing down with righteous purpose upon our foes. It was a wonder to behold. The Republic was caught off guard and within the first day we ran them back into the castle.

They are being pushed back systematically with no place to run. I have attached a few exclusive shots from inside the castle. I was able to sneak up far enough to show you the embattled hold-outs who simply don’t understand what they are fighting for.

The General is being patient, letting thirst and despair finish off the enemy rather than throwing soldiers away needlessly. While this could mean a slightly prolonged campaign, I hope my next article will be able to proclaim absolute victory for the Empire.

-Farra Ash'ramani Benedelos

Farra Ash’ramani Benedelos attended the Arhul Hextrophon School of Embedded Journalism on Lerct before joining Imperial Holonet News and winning multiple awards for investigative journalism and compliance to compnor expectations.

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