Swoop Racing coming to SW:TOR?

Charles Boyd dropped into the dev tracker this evening with news of patch delays and a big announcement. The Delays, while not incredibly unexpected with the real life Rakghoul issues going on in the world, are a definitely a bit of a bummer, however, the upcoming new event more than makes up for it in my opinion.

"In order to adapt to these unexpected changes and challenges, we've made some updates to our upcoming releases. I've put together a run-down of the changes as we see them currently below. Naturally, this is very much subject to change as circumstances unfold; we will keep you all updated in the coming weeks if any additional changes become necessary.

Update 6.1.1 is moving out one week to Tuesday, April 21:

6.1.1 will include a number of improvements to Conquests, adjustments to class balance and end-game items, and other quality-of-life improvements.

We will also begin a Double XP event with this update, running from April 21st until May 19th.

However, we have made the difficult decision to delay Master Mode of the Dxun operation out of this update. Based on our testing on PTS, we believe that holding this portion of the content back for further iteration and improvement will lead to a higher quality experience for all of you to enjoy a bit later, in update 6.1.2 (see below).

Update 6.2, currently targeting June, has becomeUpdate 6.1.2:

Update 6.1.2 will introduce a unique new in-game event that will join the weekly rotating schedule alongside Dantooine, Gree, etc. The event will be themed around the ultimate Swoop biker rally spread across multiple planets in the SWTOR galaxy. We'll share more info about the insane obstacle courses these daredevil riders are setting up very soon

As mentioned above, Master Mode of the Dxun operation will also be released with this update!

In addition to more quality-of-life updates, we're also targeting some fun additions to Nar Shaddaa Night Life, which will return this summer!

So why is this update changing numbers? Because it was originally intended to include the conclusion of the Kira/Scourge/Satele storyline introduced in Onslaught's finale. Unfortunately, the dialogue has not yet been recorded for that storyline, so we will have to wait to release it until recording operations are back in full swing. Rest assured, getting that story out is our top priority, so as soon as we can get it back on the schedule we will. Based on our current information, our (very) tentative release target for that is late summer/early fall - that patch will become the "new" 6.2." -Charles Boyd

Full Notes from the DevTracker can be found here. http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=9834169#edit9834169

I don’t know about you, but I’m already getting hyped for this big Swoop Biker Rally. Comment below with your favorite Swoops!

Swoop - a type of repulsorlift vehicle designed for speed. In essence, it was a more dangerous version of a speeder bike that both its enthusiasts and its detractors described as an "engine with a seat."

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