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Swoop Gang Event Preview!

Updated: May 12, 2020

Hey guys! We have some terrific coverage from the new event that is coming for 6.1.2 and just hit the Test Server! The event brings with it 3 planets of swoop racing! There are also 3 NEW FACTIONS with Reputation vendors and everything! We also have daily and weekly missions related to the event. Lets get into the Details.


There are three factions who want you to run the courses with objectives that match their preferred brand of entertainment. We will list what we know about them below. It should be noted that the Rep vendors are currently not in game so we can't see the items, however, in decorations there are two items for each gang. A [Gang Name ] basic Speeder and a [Gang Name] Custom Speeder, So though no visual mounts can be seen, we can surmise there should be at least 2 per faction.

The Pit Screamers

They Aren't interested in Speed or Destruction, but focus on Style.

The Pit Screamers Reward you for Showboating in front of the crowd and Making sick Jumps! They rock green gear. And have some good titles for climbing their ranks.

The Blatant Beks

The Blatant Beks are not bothered with hiding, they want you to blow up as much stuff as possible.

The Blatant Beks share little with their name's inspiration. Unlike the Hidden Beks, you will not be asked to sneak into anyone's base. You will be asked to Swoop Hard and Swoop with explosives in hand. Blow up enough targets and fire off fireworks in the right places to succeed at their Missions.

The Horizon's Razors

The ideal gang for one Ricky Bobby. They wanna go fast!

The Horizon's Razors are the speed fiends of the Gangs. Speed and speed alone. You will wanna hit speed boosts along the way to finish as fast as you can.

Notice I included images of the gear each gang tends to wear. It is unknown what is on their reputation vendors as of yet, but one can guess that its a good bet that these outfits have as good a chance as anything to make the cut.

Now I wanted to post a few shots I took of the Courses so you have an idea what you're looking at and after that you will find a few onlookers seen at the races. Onlookers I believe to be a hint at something to come. Scroll down to see.

Looks like we know who the fastest on the track are. So far it doesn't look like there is any time-trial or lap times being kept so don't plan on working your way onto that leader board.

A Hint at what is to come?

One thing you will notice at the race events are a couple guys who just look out of place.