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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

UPDATE: The Star Wars Page now says 50% XP Boosts. A Chang from the Original "Micro Transactions."

That is right. is reporting on upcoming game deals here. You'll notice that along with the upcoming month of Double XP, which we knew about, there looks to also be a big Cartel deal. All the deals are listed below, but the important one is the 50% off Micro Transactions! March 27 - May 1 This is a terrific deal if you are desperately after a particular piece of gear. However this is also a common tactic to drain everyone's Cartel Coins before a big new release. So if we don't get a large Cartel Market update on the April 14th to go with 6.1.1 Look for it to come around May 4th. Right after everyone drained their accounts during that half off weekend. We will continue to be your Cartel and Game update news source so be sure to keep checking in and we will help navigate these releases and promotions in the most profitable way possible. The Hondo way.

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