Setting up a Wix Profile and Forum Profile

Setting up Your Account with In-Game Info


In addition to your Discord profile that works with Guilded (our Calendar system), you will need to create a log-in for our Imperial Army guild website hosted on Wix. We don't have a requirement that you use any real info for this, and you can use your in-game name to make Organization easier. In fact, it's preferred.

Note that although we talk about two different "Profiles" below, they are the same account you create when you sign up on the website.

Wix Profile

First is the wix profile. It should be the first thing you see when you create an account, but if not, you can just navigate to and login with whatever your credentials were. We want to click the top right profile picture and hit "Account Settings"

Here you will see how your info will be displayed when Wix handles your info directly (this will be things like ordering T-Shirts, us assigning you badges without being directly logged in, and any other type of "Customer Service" operation we have to perform on your account directly). You can also add a profile photo here that will show up on those same interactions.

Forum Profile

Next will be your Website account. You would think that info would be under the "My Account" tab on the website (top right drop down menu below), but that only displays info about your actual name(which I believe is pulled from Wix anyway but you can double check). You may wish to set that to your in-game name as well.

Setting your forum profile pic and name is done from the forum page:

Clicking "Edit" on the top left will let you change your profile picture on the forums and your display name.

You can see all your badges under "Profile" on the drop down in the top right, as well.

Let us know if you need anymore help!

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