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[updated] PTS Cartel Preview for 6.1.2 : This is the Way... To my Credits!

Updated: May 15, 2020

Hey all you cool Vinecats and Kittens out there! If you're not too busy feeding your husbands to Nexu, we have a terrific preview for you of items that we snuck a peak at on the Public Test Server! This update looks to be pretty great for fans of those Mandalorians as we got one of the sickest outfit sets yet and oh... A Basilisk War-droid.. soo.. There is that. Not to mention another gear set, Holographic weapon tuning, an Ancient Jedi blade, and a new cool Scout Walker Mount..

[update 5/15/2020] - Added image for Ancient Jedi Sword. (If you're wondering where the Swoop Event Coverage is, That's getting its own whole Article!)

As you can see, this is a pretty Insane Mandalorian Set, Its got Mythasaur Style Horns as well as Zabrak Horns, cause who ever said the words "Too many Horns.." Nobody that's who!

Textures aren't in the game yet, but it looks pretty dang Basilisky already! Ofcourse it is not without it's flourish, which fires the four cannons on the sides above the front shoulders.

Holographic Weapon tuning. Seen here on the Pure Sabacc Rifle. Cause who ever heard the words "Too many Holograms"? I know... Same joke from above.. but hey, it applies! Just like this tuning.

Of all the sets introduced to the game, The Wayward Voyager's is definitely one of them... There is potential for a longer robe look with the pants, its got a basic and low-key aesthetic, and a helmet that isn't atrocious. We will see what comes of this outfit once the talented fashionista's of the game get a hold of it.

Finally the Light sight gets an Ancient Blade of their own. Complete with glowy etchings on the inside and what looks like a back sheath.

That's everything we got a look at coming to the Cartel Market in the future. The Swoop event will be covered in a different article coming very soon. Watch for the latest news on the stuff coming to game!

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