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Imperial Army Style Guide

So You Want to Make a Doc/Guide

The Basics


When creating your document, you want to use the largest Title (T) setting after naming the document. After that, each subtitle will use the middle Title (T) setting. Then, further subdivisions will be in the normal font starting with a Bold Underlined Title, Followed By Just Bold. If you require more categories than that, reconsider the complexity of your guide.


For each new paragraph/category, please create a break between them.


It's a little un-intuitive, but most of your font options can only been seen once you highlight the text you wish to edit. It may be a good idea to create a format-less Text doc somewhere first and then copy/paste it here to make it pretty using their formatting options. This website does not play well with pre-formatted posts.


Please use the quote feature for extensive quotes, and make sure it has a spaced formatting:

Like this!


Unless absolutely needed to make your point, please only use the bullet points when creating your list.

  • This is a bullet point by the way

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