Imperial Army Command Structure

Imperial Army Structure

Command Structure

Command Corps

  • Guild Leader/XO/Company Leader

  • Charged with overall engagement of the guild

  • To find the right squad leaders to lead teams

  • To follow up on or plan events

  • To create initiatives and incentives to generate activity and recruitment

  • Responsible for raising and maintaining guild funds and resources

  • Not eligible for any incentive payouts/awards

  • Overall strategic planning for the guild as a whole

  • Command members are required to be active consistently and will be removed from the Command Corps

  • This can be overridden by a unanimous vote from the command corps but can be vetoed by a majority vote by the Lt corps removing the member from he command corps to protect against nepotism.

Lieutenant Corps

  • It is required to be a Lieutenant to be able to become a Squad Leader

  • The Lieutenant Corps promotes people to Lieutenant by making them their second in command

  • Lieutenants are required to be active for a minimum of 60 days to maintain their rank

  • This can be overridden if the entire Lieutenant Corps votes to keep them. This is due to a limited situation meaning they had to leave for a specific reason and have a return date to the game. This vote can be vetoed by a unanimous vote from the Command Corps.

  • Lieutenants can also be voted out of the Lieutenant core by either a consensus of the Lieutenants and/or from the Command core.

  • Only Sergeants can be promoted to a Lieutenant

Squad Leaders

  • Are charged with generating content for their squad

  • Recruitment

  • Keeping squad-mates engaged and active

  • Seeing what members are ready to be part of the Lieutenant Corps to help us maintain growth.

  • Can promote someone to the Lieutenant Corps or use a current Lieutenant as their second in command

Cadet Squad Leader

  • Recruitment as a priority

  • To help transition Applicants into Cadets by making sure they get tagged and discord information

  • Helps Cadets understand guild processes

  • Charged with keeping the cadets engaged and ushering them into the Private Corps after 30 days

  • Can request a 2nd Lieutenant from an active squad

Sergeant Corps

  • Promoted from Privates by the Command Corps, indicating that they have shown consistency and reliability to be considered a future Lieutenant

  • Sergeants have the ability to invite members into the guild after application process

  • Sergeants have the ability to do a guild summons

Private Corps

  • Promoted from Cadet after probationary period

  • Has access to the Guild BankCan put Events on the Calendar

  • Is promoted to Sergeant Corps by the Command Corps


  • New recruits put into the guild after a 24 hour review process of an application