Imperial Army Command Structure

Imperial Army Structure

Command Structure

Command Corps

  • Guild Leader/XO/Company Leader

  • Charged with overall engagement of the guild

  • To find the right squad leaders to lead teams

  • To follow up on or plan events

  • To create initiatives and incentives to generate activity and recruitment

  • Responsible for raising and maintaining guild funds and resources

  • Not eligible for any incentive payouts/awards

  • Overall strategic planning for the guild as a whole

  • Command members are required to be active consistently and will be removed from the Command Corps

  • This can be overridden by a unanimous vote from the command corps but can be vetoed by a majority vote by the Lt corps removing the member from he command corps to protect against nepotism.

Lieutenant Corps

  • It is required to be a Lieutenant to be able to become a Squad Leader

  • The Lieutenant Corps promotes people to Lieutenant by making them their second in command

  • Lieutenants are required to be active for a minimum of 60 days to maintain their rank

  • This can be overridden if the entire Lieutenant Corps votes to keep them. This is due to a limited situation meaning they had to leave for a specific reason and have a return date to the game. This vote can be vetoed by a unanimous vote from the Command Corps.

  • Lieutenants can also be voted out of the Lieutenant core by either a consensus of the Lieutenants and/or from the Command core.

  • Only Sergeants can be promoted to a Lieutenant

Squad Leaders

  • Are charged with generating content for their squad

  • Recruitment

  • Keeping squad-mates engaged and active

  • Seeing what members are ready to be part of the Lieutenant Corps to help us maintain growth.

  • Can promote someone to the Lieutenant Corps or use a current Lieutenant as their second in command

Cadet Squad Leader

  • Recruitment as a priority

  • To help transition Applicants into Cadets by making sure they get tagged and discord information

  • Helps Cadets understand guild processes

  • Charged with keeping the cadets engaged and ushering them into the Private Corps after 30 days

  • Can request a 2nd Lieutenant from an active squad

Sergeant Corps

  • Promoted from Privates by the Command Corps, indicating that they have shown consistency and reliability to be considered a future Lieutenant

  • Sergeants have the ability to invite members into the guild after application process

  • Sergeants have the ability to do a guild summons

Private Corps

  • Promoted from Cadet after probationary period

  • Has access to the Guild BankCan put Events on the Calendar

  • Is promoted to Sergeant Corps by the Command Corps


  • New recruits put into the guild after a 24 hour review process of an application

  • Access to Discord and Guilded information

  • Ability to sign up for events

  • Able to declare their squad after 30 days from the accepted application

  • If the member goes Inactive without reason or violates the Code of Conduct the can be removed by the Command Corps without notice

  • If the member provides a reason we will always do our best to work with the Cadets. If your computer breaks down, have a family emergency, you signed up right before school started and it is just too much but want to come back, we can pause you in the process to be continued when you return from hiatus.


  • If a member goes inactive for over 3 months they will be moved to Reserves which has no Guild Bank access but will return to the Private/Sergeant Corps when they return. This is to protect the Guild Bank.

Squad Seasons

Every six months squad members will be selected from the Lieutenant Corps. At the end of that six months, extra commendations/awards will be provided to Squad Leaders or Members for service above the call of duty. These categories are subject to change, but are almost always related to in game activity or engagement, however they are not limited to such.

After the six months a new draft will be taken place with Squad Leaders being selected from the Lieutenant Corps by the Command Corps.

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