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Conquest in 6.1.1+: An Imperial Army Guide

Introduction to Conquest

What is Conquest?

Conquest refers to one of the main in-game functions of a guild. It's a system that allows a guild to conquer a planet and have their name displayed when players load-in to the area.

Progress is measured by Conquest Points. Each player has a personal goal of 50,000 points each week (resets on Tuesdays) per character. The guild with the most points wins the planet.

Rewards are also earned if you meet player goals, and then again if the guild reaches the guild goal as well.

All of this information can be viewed from the Conquest and Guild Invasion tab of your Mission Log (L hotkey).

The personal and guild goal rewards can be quite lucrative, so we suggest you try to hit the goal on as many characters as possible.

The Mission Log

Now, let's go over the interface when dealing with conquest. To start, open your Mission Log.

Once there, we are going to start by looking at our personal Conquests tab.

As you can see, there's a pretty dense layout of information.

The top screen is the name of the current conquest event. These events are on rotation and dictate the objectives of the event. You can read the lore paragraph for the context of the event.

To the right of the event name is the time remaining for conquest. Beneath that you will see your name and your progress bar to 50,000 points. Beneath that you will see what the rewards are. Any highlighted objective will give a visual representation of the progress (shaded green color in the bar above)

Note the stronghold bonus. Currently, 150% is the maximum. You are granted bonus from 0-150% for each stronghold room you unlock. To achieve 150% you need to fully unlock 6 strongholds. This bonus affects the next section.

The bottom of the panel is for your conquest objectives. These are static for the conquest event, so they will change depending on which event is active but will always be the same for that particular event. I have my panel sorted by points, usually.

No symbol next to the points means you can only do that objective once PER LEGACY. If I do Dread Fortress on Alach, I cannot earn that objective on any other character this week. Gold symbols denote Daily objectives, which can be done once daily per Legacy. Silver symbols denote infinitely repeatable objectives. The right-hand side of the objectives provides a detailed explanation of the objective, as well as grants any relevant missions or opens special menus. In our above photo, you can see it directly opens the Crafting Menu.

Currently, the points totals you see are at 150% of the usual value. This is why stronghold bonus can matter a lot.

Remember, all of your characters in your legacy in the guild can obtain this personal conquest. Plan your objectives accordingly!

Next, let's look at the Guild Invasions tab. This will have all of the guild information.

Large yield in 6.0 is 5,000,000

The top panel has our Conquest Event and timer yet again.

Beneath that you'll see our guild name, our flagship, and where it is currently parked.

To the right you'll see the guild progress, and the leader board for individual conquest points. Every week, we will go over the top Character, Legacy, and Squad for each Conquest Event.

The bottom half of the screen is the actual conquest planet. Every week we have a choice of Large, Medium, and Small yield planets. Currently we have been doing Large yields as they have better rewards. As you can see on the planet leader board, larger guilds have already well exceeded their planetary goal. The number 1 slot will retain control of the planet until the next conquest event involving that planet.

Once the guild reaches the planet goal every character that met their personal goal will receive the Large Yield reward at the bottom of the screen automatically on Tuesday when the conquest event resets.

Conquest Objectives

As mentioned, every Conquest Event will have specific objectives. These are further grouped by type, which is the symbol next to the objective:

Above we can see Activity Finder Objectives, Guild Objectives (the flag), and Mission Objectives. This can be useful if, for example, an Objective says to "Complete 5 Missions" -- you can safely assume anything else with the Mission category will also give credit towards that Objective.

When you complete an objective, you will receive the following notification:

This will show you the objective completed, amount earned, and a visual representation of your progress earned. The "OPEN" action will pull up the objective in your log.

One more thing to touch on, is different levels inside of objective categories. First is a difficulty representation:

Here we see 3 different Flashpoint types, each with a different filled in hash mark over it. They represent Story (solo, or small group), Veteran (balanced group), and Master (well equipped group, harder content). All of this info is provided elsewhere in the objective, but it's another visual indicator to help out.

The next type of tier is Multi-step missions:

Note the number at the end. This indicates an objective will unlock a new objective on completion. Here we can see I completed Ossus: Defeat Enemies 1, which unlocked Defeat Enemies 2 for even more points. However, I don't have the other levels for the other planets unlocked yet since I didn't complete them.

We'll post more about how to efficiently earn conquest every week with these objectives, but remember to play your way and check your Conquest tab along the way!

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