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Cartel Market Item Review: GL-13 and Cybernetic Agent Wrist Controller

6.1.1 introduced the new Cybernetic Agent set, but I want to focus on a particular first: The Wrist Controller

The Wrist Controller takes up the entire fore-arm, and adds a weapon effect! Pretty neat for a slot we often ignore on outfits. See the video below.

The GL-13 was also added, as a nod to the pistol used by Poe Dameron in the Sequel Triology. It has a blue laser by default, and sounds pretty unique. See video below.

Here's a video showcasing the new particle effect, and this new blaster pistol's sound effects.

Note: I've tried the bracer on Pistols and Sniper Rifles, and the effect only appeared on Pistols for me.

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