6.1.2 Cartel Update for Live Server.

Well guys! Its finally here! 6.1.2 dropped today, with the Swoop event

coming on the 30th. We will also have the updated Nightlife event on July 14th. For now we have some fine additions to our collection in the form of 3 Armor sets, 2 mounts, 2 weapons and a weapon tuning. We even have a translation of the Ancient Jedi runes that glow on the new weapon. Check all that out down below!

First lets take a look at the Armor sets. Like most updates to the cartel market, we get various tiers of Armor sets. What will be considered Platinum, Gold, and Silver Tiers.

Obviously we will start with the Mandalorian Stormbringer set. People are super excited to get this set finally. The appeal is as obvious as the design. I personally think this set is a bit much, but the Chest and legs are certainly pretty cool. The helmet follows the trend of just missing the mark high a tad bit. Too many horns and spikes for me. The Boots are probably the highlight as they are understated, incredibly "Swarsy" and will plug in to any set easily.

There is an animation with the helmet, the green rangefinder on the center of the forehead swings down over the left eye windshield wiper style. This is the case because... umm...

It should be mentioned that this set is also available in a Bundle with the Mount listed further down in this article.

The Je'daii Warrior's set is the other premiere set this update. It harkens back to the history of the Jedi, when they were know as Je'daii, before the days of the lightsaber. As such, this set also comes with a bundle that includes their ancient swords. Fans of the book Dawn of the Jedi will definitely appreciate this set. There is an animation on the chestpiece for this one, the stacked silver panels under the pauldrons extend out when in combat. actually a pretty nifty effect. This set also comes with both a hood up and hood down version of the chest.