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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Imperial Army 47th IEF?

The Imperial Army: 47th Imperial Expeditionary Force (IA) is a military-themed roleplaying guild in the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. 

IA was founded in 2003 during the beta test of Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. While in SWG we held a metropolis level city there named the Imperial Army Command Center (IACC) which was the center for all our events and activities.  IA is dedicated to providing a mature close-knit group of dedicated players who share the same passion for creating their own piece of the Star Wars universe.

IA is not limited to any one aspect, our members enjoy a full range of all areas and activities of SW:TOR. Our military theme provides the backbone for our overall guild story and is also used for issue resolution, gear requisition, and organization. IA in no way dictates to members who they must group, in fact, we are very much like a family and we are always helping each other in any way we can.


Is The Imperial Army A Hard Core Roleplaying Guild?

The simple answer is no.  Although the story of IA and its theme has roleplaying at its core, members are not required to roleplay beyond the level that they are comfortable or choose to.  Members are, however, required to tolerate those who do wish to roleplay and not break immersion. To help this, members are encouraged to stay in character when speaking (/say and /emote) in public social areas where roleplay might be taking place and follow the proper military protocol when appropriate.  Participation in any roleplaying beyond tolerance is completely up to the member.  Guildchat, whispers, partychat, and Teamspeak are always out of character.


How Does The "Chain Of Command" Work?

Our chain of command functions very much like it does in a real-world military.  If you view our roster using the link here on our main page, you will see we have a full battalion level chain of comment structure.  This structure is used for a few things:

Firstly it supports our military roleplay theme making it very easy to slide into role a member of a military unit.  Not everyone has real-world military experience, but almost everyone has seen a military chain of command being followed on television or movies.  Even if you are not very comfortable with roleplaying, simply following the chain of command allows you to passively roleplay and might help you find that hook you were looking for!

Secondly, it is used for organization, issue resolution, and resource management.  It is always important for someone to know who to go to if they need something done.  If a member has a minor problem or needs to submit a request, they follow the chain of command sending to their immediate supervisor and then it proceeds up as needed until it is resolved.  If ever a member needs immediate help, such as someone being abusive or publically violating our policies, they can always contact any available officer or NCO.

What's The Overriding Philosophy Of Your Guild?

Although we have a formal military theme and chain of command, IA is very much a family.  Many of us have been playing together for nearly a decade now.  We look out for each other and always try to help each other in any way we can.  We always look for these qualities in new recruits and we remain very selective about who we allow within the ranks of the Imperial Army.

How Do I Get Weapons And Equipment From The Guild?

The 47th does maintain a store of resources which is dedicated to keeping our members well supplied. We have a group of crafters who have agreed to take on the responsibility of creating the gear that is needed by the members. If you do need some gear made contact your immediate supervisor (In most cases your Squad Leader) and they will send in a requisition.

"Guild Crafters" will not charge to make a profit off other members. They may charge a fee to cover costs of materials and crew skill labor if you do not supply what is needed to create the items you have ordered or the guild supplies are not able to cover it.

At various times IA will hold guild gather events where 100% of all materials collected will go into the stores for use by the crafters. In addition to these events, we also encourage members to donate surplus materials and funds to keep our reserves well stocked when they are needed

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