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Imperial Army Code Of Conduct


- Honor Above Life
- Loyalty Above Self
- Protecting Our Way of Life
- Glory to the Empire
- Death to the Republic



Members of the Imperial Army must comply to these rules.



Members of the Imperial Army, 47th IEF are expected to maintain a high level of maturity at all times. This is especially important when speaking or role-playing in public. IA has a reputation of being a mature well behaved organization and IA’s level of maturity plays a large factor in that. Of course, this doesn't mean that members can't still have fun and joke around; they should just be mindful and keep it where it belongs. Each and every member which carries the IA tag or posts to our forums is a representation of the image of the 47th.



The Imperial Army, 47th IEF began and still is a role-playing organization.  The overall theme of IA implies a basic level of role-play as being a part of this military unit.  This, however, does not mean that anyone is required to actively seek out and participate in role-play events or hang around in those settings.  We do require that all of our members be tolerant of role-play when it is going on (both within the guild and in the general community) and at behave in character when appropriate.

Our guild meeting and some guild events (which are labeled RP EVENT) are also considered to be in-character and everyone in attendance should respond and react as their character would.  This would involve the use of /say, the emote system, and custom emotes using the /emote command.  We do understand and appreciate and understand that role-playing isn't for everyone, and, even in the game's in character situations, we do not force anyone to go beyond simply responding in kind in order to not break the immersion of whatever is going on.  


An example of this would be:  (RP Event) Captain Smith enters the room where Private Alpha and Beta are standing.  Alpha is a big role-player and Beta is not.  Both use the /salute command to salute the officer, and then Alpha goes on to do begin his role-playing.  Beta then can either quietly watch until the interaction is over or join in if he likes.


Chain Of Command

IA’s chain of command not only supplies us with a platform in which to role-play a formal military structure but also represents the overall organization of the guild. The administration of the guild applies in-game, forums, voice communications, and anywhere else IA might maintain a presence. Bear in mind that aside from role-play members should understand that IA members are all friends and are gathering together to enjoy time together, however if a superior officer issues a directive, they are expected to follow it. Remember, it is everyone’s responsibility to be familiar with the chain of command and its members.



Members of the Imperial Army 47th IEF are expected to maintain a responsible, respectful, and mature level of behavior. IA members are encouraged to enjoy time together, joke around, have fun, and generally enjoy spending time with each other in the appropriate places and venues. IA does take its public image and the example which is set to new members or prospective members very seriously and will not tolerate childish, petty, disruptive, destructive, or immature behavior. In addition since IA is a military themed organization, members are expected to respect each other and the chain of command.


Examples of this would be: Respecting the people running (or attending) guild events and keeping communication if your attendance changes. Maintaining communication with your squad leader (or appropriate leader) if your activity level is going to change or you need to take an extended absence. Respecting those trying to speak on Teamspeak / Mumble / Ventrillo so we aren't all talking all over each other (which is very frustrating).

Members should own their own behavior for their own enjoyment and the enjoyment of the whole 47th.


Guild Meetings

On a regular basis, we will hold guild meetings to give out promotions, share events, make announcements and relay information that needs to be broadcast to the group as a whole. The meeting is the one time where everyone is expected to be in character while present.  The use of /say and /emote should be avoided unless it would be appropriate for you to do in a formal military meeting. Members are free to form groups among themselves to chit-chat during the meeting, or talk in guildchat.


Members should be in the appropriate uniform for your rank and position and should not have any sort of companion or pets out. You are free to run companion missions if you would like during the meeting, just please be sure to have dismissed them first, so they don't pop up and if they do please promptly put them away. (Please note that early on uniforms may not be available due to level requirements or crafting issues. The guild will supply the standard uniform; once you have one this guideline applies.)


If you are online at the time of the meeting, you are expected to attend. If you cannot attend due to real life obligations, we of course understand and your absence in no way would be held against you. Plan ahead; the time is always announced, so make sure you can arrive on time and can stay until it is complete. If the real world pulls you away, just politely say so in guildchat. We do our best to keep the meetings as short as possible so that it's fun, moves along, and everyone has a good time.


L337 Speak

Anyone that has spent more than five minutes on the internet has probably been exposed to this de-evolved form of the English language. As a role-playing organization, L337 speak talk is banned and is considered completely inappropriate in every venue of communication that IA maintains. If someone is unclear on what L337 speak is, chances are they aren't using it, but speak to an officer and they will be happy to explain. This destructive element of a good role-play environment and general function of brain cells will not be tolerated, and members will not be caught using it.



By being a member of the Imperial Army, 47th IEF members have agreed that they will keep possession and are responsible for their account in game, forums, and anywhere else that IA maintains a presence. If someone else logs into a member’s account the member will still be held responsible for their actions. There will be no excuses or exceptions to this rule. Members will maintain good and secure passwords and keep them to themselves. If some other friend or family member uses a guild member’s computer then the guild member should be sure that they are not going to IA sites or logging in to their account and tarnishing their name.


Unacceptable Play

The Imperial Army, 47th IEF is a mature and adult organization and to that end does not cheat or damage IA’s game/forum environment in any form or fashion. The following are some examples but not excluded to areas which this policy applies. If a member should themselves in a situation in which they think something might be unacceptable then best practice is to stop and ask BEFORE they do anything rather than after its happened.

EXPLOITING: IA does not cheat by using exploitations or bugs in a game or system which allows someone to attain any sort of advantage. If a member should find something which can be used in a fashion in which it was not designed then it is their duty to report it to the development team of the game and also pass that information on to IA so members are aware of the issue. IA does not exploit, this is an absolute. If a member is caught exploiting, immediate and direct action will be taken.


GRIEFING: Members of IA are expected to maintain a respectful behavior even when dealing with enemy players or difficult / immature members of the overall game population. IA will does not condone trash talking or griefing another player in any venue of communication in which IA has contact with. If a member is in any way unclear of this concept, they should please contact an officer for clarification.



The Imperial Army, 47th IEF maintains many different venues of communication across all the areas in which IA is represented. Members of IA are expected to participate and be current on our message forums and event calendar. In addition, they should be attentive to areas of in-game communication such as group chat or guild chats.

IA operates a Discord server and it is highly encouraged that all members join in and take part, this greatly improves the team spirit and makes group operations much more efficient. Information on how to log in and obtain the client is available in the member forum.

Discord, guild-chat, party-chat, whispers, and our forums are not regulated and may contain adult language.  We expect language to be appropriate to the venue and not cross the line of being harassing or abusive to another member.  Also spatial chat (such as /say and /emote) in a social area or where role-playing is taking place should be done in character, as to not break the immersion level of the environment.

We have one simple rule for Discord and Chat in general. If a member asks that a subject be dropped, no matter the subject, it is dropped or continued in a different channel or private messages. We respect each other and that means being thoughtful of what makes them uncomfortable without needing justification or ruling on it's validity. 

Trophy Items Dropped In "Guild Runs"

This policy applies specifically to groups which are labeled or established ahead of time as a "Guild Run" which are for the specific purpose of obtaining trophies for the guild's trophy area.  Trophy items are unique items which clearly denote a special boss, event, operation, or flashpoint.  An example of this would be the golden statue of Karragga which comes from the operation Karragga's Palace.  In guild runs such as these trophy items which drop which the guild does not already have should go to the guild's trophy room.  Any additional copies after one has been obtained for the trophy room would then revert to the normal need/greed system.  Common furniture items do not apply to this policy unless there are special unique items and they are denoted in the event's description so all who sign up are aware of them ahead of time.  

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